Ticket Policies

We try to keep things pretty simple when it comes to ticketing (why make life more complicated, right?) So here are our basic rules about tickets:

All reservations must be pre-paid
We offer tickets online, and an information line if you have any problems with our online system. That should take care of 99% of all ticketing needs. Unreserved tickets can be purchased at the door with cash, and the best chance of scoring one of those seats is to arrive right when we open (30 minutes prior to performance).

No returns, refunds, or exchanges.
It’s a small theater, so trying to move tickets around after we already have a head count is a nightmare. We may possibly be able to move you to another date (same show, same ticket cost) with at least 2 days notice by contacting our box office manager at Annie@sparktheater.org, but no guarantees.

Cash Only at the door
There are ATMs nearby. Having to run a credit card at the show adds time to getting people seated, and since we don’t have a separate “box office”, we don’t have anywhere to put a credit card machine anyway.

In case of emergency…
Stuff happens, we get it. If there’s a weather emergency and we close down the show, we’ll find another night for you to come, but it has to be for the same show (at the same price, or we can charge the difference for a higher priced night) If you can’t make it and you call ahead, we can make your money a tax-deductible donation instead.

No late seating!!!
100% not negotiable, no matter what. There is no way to sneak someone in to the theater, and we’re not going to ruin everyone else’s experience for you (sorry, we’re just not). So, we recommend getting to the show at least 15 minutes early. There are drinks to be had beforehand, cool people to hang out with, and then you don’t have to worry about being that guy (or girl).