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Auditions for “Dracula” by Seven Dietz

Adapted from the novel by Bram Stoker

Directed by Mari Geasair

Auditions will be held Saturday,  August 16th from 1:00p.m. to 3:30p.m  BY APPOINTMENT

Callbacks: TBD

Audition Requirements: Headshot and Resume required in order to audition. To set your appointment time please visit:

When your appointment time for audition is confirmed you will be emailed a short side to read from the script to prepare. Please be prepared for additional cold readings from the script as well. Auditions will be held at Spark Theater, 985 Santa Fe Drive, Denver, CO. 80204

Show Dates:

October 10, 11, 17, 18, 24, 25, 31and November 1, — 7 :30 Curtain

Rehearsals will begin 9/2 and will include weekday nights and Saturday afternoons

About The Script:

Setting London, Transylvania

“Classic, not campy this tribute to Bram Stoker’s Dracula brings style, substance and sinister action to the stage.  It requires versatile actors who can handle complex language and emotion, and bring realism and depth and a sense of genuine horror to this tale of supernatural occurrences.”

Character Breakdown:

Needed for Dracula are 4 women 18yrs-25yrs , 2 men 25-35,  2 men 30-50, 1 man 40-60

*Renfield (M 30-50) – A patient in Seward’s asylum. While sometimes apparently rational, he has a habit of eating flies and spiders.

*Mina Murray (F 18-25) – Mina is young and innocent but also brave and practical. She is engaged to Jonathan Harker, who was waylaid on his business trip to Transylvania, and whose journal becomes a key to discovering the vampire’s arrival in London

*Lucy Westenra (F 18-25) –Innocent, but also smart and high spirited. She is best friends with Mina. She is courted by suitors, including Dr. John Seward and is Dracula’s next intended victim.

*Jonathan Harker (M 25-35) – Young businessman, his good-natured trust preventing him from questioning until it is too late. As a solicitor, or lawyer, he finalizes the sale of London property to the Count, but is imprisoned in order for Dracula to study and then steal his identity. Harker is fiercely protective of his fiancée, Mina.

*Dr. John Seward (M 25-35) – Loyal and passionately committed to the causes he believes in, he is a consummate scientist, seeking reason in the most unreasonable of environments.

*Dracula (M 30-50) – an unseen presence for much of the play, and when he does appear, he does so in various guises. At the time of Harker’s visit the count appears as an older man, then he disguises himself as Harker, mimicking his manner, and later — restored by the buffet of London’s blood supply — appears in a younger incarnation. He is always smart, charming, and primal without being crass. In this adaptation he is not campy, comic or consciously “spooky. “

*Abraham Van Helsing (M 40-60) – Philosopher, scientist, and a professor. A learned man of action. He is a mentor to Seward. When Lucy’s case proves beyond Seward’s expertise, Van Helsing’s experience teaches him to look for clues to other causes he dares not discuss openly.

*Vixens (2 F- 18-25) Dracula’s servants and victims. Will also play maids, attendants and other characters throughout the production.

*Attendants (1M 18-35) Will play attendants and other characters throughout the production

Questions? Contact us at

Auditions for Miracle on 34th Street

Adapted by Mountain Community Theater from the Novel by Valentine Davis

Directed by Lorraine Scott

This is a wonderful holiday show that will include both children and adult actors. Auditions will be on Saturday, September 6th between 1-5 p.m. Watch this space for further details on how to audition.

Show will run Saturday evenings and Sunday afternoons November 21-December 21, 2014

New Plays Wanted:

Spark Theater is looking for  original new plays by local Colorado Playwrights for our Colorado Playwright’s New Play Showcase in April of 2015. We will be picking 3 plays to produce for two weekends each. Looking for new plays that have never before been produced, full length (1 hour or more), takes place in a simple setting and will work well in our intimate space. No compensation, but if your play is picked it will be fully produced by Spark and seen by the public. If you would like to submit a play or for more information contact us at