Thanks for wanting to be a part of Spark! We’re consistently stoked to work with the best talent in the area, both newcomers and seasoned professionals alike! We make a strong commitment to casting new people, and always welcome minorities to come audition with us so we can offer a cross-cultural perspective on theater art! We will be holding auditions throughout the year for Season Four. Watch this space for audition announcements. Or better yet, sign up for our emails or like us on Facebook!


New Spots Have Again Been Added to Auditions for our Colorado Playwright’s New Play Showcase: Auditions for all 3 of our Colorado Playwright’s New Play Showcase plays will be held on Saturday, March 7, 2015 from 12:15-6 p.m. at Spark Theater. Use the web address below to sign up for auditions using Sign Up Genius. For the sign up page, go to: 

Stage Fright, A Musical Comedy written and directed by Lauren Flauding Stage Fright is a rambunctious, free-style musical addressing all the ways in which one encounters and overcomes fear; from being afraid of the dark to fear of commitment and much more.  Opens on Saturday, May 9th and runs Sunday, May 10th, Thursday, May 14th, Friday, May 15th, Saturday, May 16th and closes on Sunday, May 17th

Audition requirements for Stage Fright:
Bring resume.
Prepare a 30-60 second monologue and 16-32 bars of a song sung a cappella.
Be prepared to sightread a short selection of music from the show.
Descriptions of characters:
Gary - Male, 18-50. Tenor/Baritone. Largely insecure, versatile, dramatic.
Shari - Female, 18-50. Alto/Soprano. Spunky, excitable, nervous, ability to show deep emotion.
Carrie – Female, 18-50. Soprano/Alto. Comedic and heartbroken. Large range of character diversity.
Jeri – Male, 18-50. Baritone/Tenor. Awkward, jittery, tends to overdo.
Kate – Female, 18-50. Alto/Soprano. Hilarious. Great physical comedian, sarcastic, always funny.

Dot Gone, a comedy written and directed by Max Cabot  

Dot Gone is a comedy about the meteoric rise and fall of an internet startup.  The enthusiasm and hopes of the dot com’s leadership won’t let a lack of money or clear idea for a website stop them.
Opens on Sunday, April 26th and runs Thursday, April 30th, Saturday, May 2nd, Sunday, May 3rd, Thursday, May 7th and closes on Friday, May 8th
Audition Requirements for Dot Gone
Cold readings from the script, no preparation necessary.
Please bring a resume and headshot.
Description of Characters:
ALL PARTS OPEN TO ANY ETHNICITY Tom-  Male, 30’s to Early 40’s.  CEO of  While a very charismatic leader, he lacks the follow through to get the details right. John-  Male, 30’s to Early 40’s.  VP of Operations.   Often frustrated partner who is trying his hardest to make Tom’s vision come true. George-  Male, 40’s, Chief Financial Officer.  A strange quiet man who seems to have more in common with a robot, than people. Eleanor-  Female, 30’s, Director of Marketing.  A very passive aggressive woman who hides that behind a new age, hippie persona. Chloë-  Female, 20’s, Receptionist.  At first glance she comes across as a happy cheerleader, but is actually a very smart and ambitious woman. Ron-  Male, Age Open, Vice President of Human Resources.  While he pretends to be a hip and with it dude, he is really an uptight rule follower. Josh-  Male, 30’s, Programmer.  A slob who looks like he barely gets outside.  He is a bit hyper active, and in a constant state of irritation. Kris-  Male, 30’s, West Coast Sales Manager.  A nice meat head.  Someone who definitely played sports in High School.  Almost talks like a California surfer.

The Banzai Package, a Satire written and directed by Russell Weisfeld

Horace is throwing a party for his suicide. His son (of course) tries to delay the party. They both seek out the same man’s help, Beau, and Beau is left with a situation in which he must try to delay and also hasten the party. The satire concludes on the day of the rehearsal when the strained relations, mismanaged finances, lawsuits, reasons for wanting the suicide party, and problems of Horace’s past come to a head.
Opens on Friday, April 17th and runs Saturday, April 18th, Sunday April 19th, Thursday, April 23rd, Friday, April 24th and closes on Saturday, April 25th.
Audition Requirements for The Banzai Package:
Bring Resume
Prepare a 1-2 minute monologue
Cold read from the script
Description of Characters:
Cal (Male or Female age 25+) : A party planner who also moonlights as a lawyer.  Cal, while being a smooth charmer, also epitomizes sleaziness and doing anything to earn a buck.
Horace (Male,  70′s): A man with growing health issues who is looking to commit suicide.  He is unsure of a number of things but still wishes to do the right thing.  He generally maintains a conservative and skeptical demeanor though allows a less stoic side to come through.
Nevaeh (Female 70′s):  Wife of Horace who often tries to match her husband while being less forthright than he is.  She is fond of her entire family and tries simultaneously to remain practical.
Lucas (Male, 20-50):  Son of Horace and Nevaeh who is at odds with his parents.  He is prone to be rash yet firmly believe in the logic of his decisions. .
Delila (Female, 20-50): Wife of Lucas who is very supportive of her husband.
Beauregard (Male, 50-80):  Former army buddy of Horace and retired doctor who is also Lucas’s godfather.  He is the confidant of the family who is called upon to help during family crises.