I was at last night’s performance, and I want to tell you that I greatly enjoyed it…the acting was superb, and clearly, so was the directing! Thank you for adding such excitement and pleasure to my life! -Brian S.

When we talked about starting a theater company, a few things were clear from the very beginning. We wanted a place that made people feel welcome, both actors and audiences alike. We wanted to present great theater in unique ways, guaranteeing each production is a fresh and exciting experience. And we cared about the show lasting after the final bow, affecting people and inspiring them in their daily life.

We began talking about what makes theater so magical, and we agreed, its about the sparks. When you see that spark and two people connect, when sparks fly and the whole stage is alive and buzzing, and the fact that good theater sparks something inside of you, that changes you and doesn’t leave you the same.

We’re excited to share the magic of theater with you, and spark your passion for creative and original theater right here in Denver!

Mission Statement: Spark Theater celebrates life by producing theater of beauty, substance, and style. We strive to provide an inclusive community that inspires everyone to make connections between themselves, their immediate surroundings, and the world as a whole through art.