Welcome to Spark Theater!

Spark Theater is a nonprofit organization dedicated to bringing you a unique, intimate and inspired theater experience. Good storytelling is all about the sparks: When you see that spark and two people connect, when sparks fly and the whole stage is alive and buzzing, and the fact that good theater sparks something inside of you, that changes you and doesn’t leave you the same, that spark of life. We put you front and center so you may experience live theater as it should be, up close and personal, not sitting rows back separated from the story. We’re excited to share the magic of theater with you, and spark your passion for creative and original theater right here in Denver! 


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Spark Theater and The Three Leaches (a theater group performing in Denver for the past 5 years) have merged. We will continue to be in our same location and space on Santa Fe Drive and the next play performance will take place in February 2016.  Find out more about The Three Leaches group  at http://thethreeleaches.com.